Appreciate and Love

As far as I can remember, the ocean has always been part of me. An unknown world become revelation. Once, when I was a kid, we went on vacation to St Jean de Luz. I remember spending hours and hours looking at the horizon, caught by some sort of intuition, that one day my life would be there, in the womb of Oceans.

It’s no coincidence that many years later, my first technical dive was off the bay, a day of great swell that would have disgusted more than one. Wind, little visibility, sixteen degrees displayed on the computer, and yet, I came out of the water knowing that I would come back. I never stopped.

Through my travels, I had the joy to dive in the Caribbean sea, on the Pacific Coast of Salvador and Mexico, in the Red sea, the Sea of Arabia, the China Sea or Indian Ocean, Pacific. So many enchanting places. In 1989 in Playa del Carmen in Mexico, I remember, I was twenty years old. At that time, the place was not touristy at all. Only one path led to a beach where rays and sharks were so numerous in two meters of water that I had gasped. It was absolutely wonderful!

Nowadays, the more I travel and dive, the more, I feel connected with magical ecosystems and remarkable biodiversity. I want to take care of them, I loved them. They are part of our humanity and dignity.

Nature unites people from different cultures and backgrounds and it’s so great, so sweet to feel in harmony all together. When we cross roads that we did not expect, every new story, every encounter feeds our soul.

Thanks to life for what it offers: a unique and wonderful experience to live each present moment and appreciate it forever ever.