Time in nature

by Sophie Nougué

Sometimes life gives us amazing gifts. Whatever our path, they always teach us something. If love and gratitude are firmly rooted in our heart, they will be multiplied. Writing to the power of 10 that we learned in math class is very weak to describe the wave of abundance. This space larger than itself where everything is knowledge, nature allows us to connect to it.

On August 12, d+1 of the full moon in Aquarius, also known as Sturgeon Moon, -moon which coincided with a meteor shower-, I went on foot to the Cromlechs d’Okabe site in Basque Country, South West of France. At noon sharp when the sun was at its zenith, it was the perfect time to invoke the Spirits of the Four Directions. All peoples, animals, stones, water, air have flooded my heart with their wise words.

My guides, my allies, my ancestors, my protective clan were also there to help me again and again to connect my soul to this super energy of transformation. A magnificent unity of time and place to put back into the air of the furnace, everything that does not belong to me and that I do not want in my life, near or far. A benevolent ritual. Keep the Love and give back to Mother Earth, the archaic memories, legacies, contracts and other conditionings, so that the great cleaning takes place.
I measure the immense gift that nature gives us, to overcome hardships, to taste the fullness of choices in everything that is lived and accomplished. I also honor with deep gratitude the life force that fueled my courage and determination.

Yes, sometimes there are tears, more often laughter and friends.
I rest in tears. They are the expression of the commitment I put into everything I wear. The value I place on it, the pain of not always being heard, welcomed in who I am.
Laughter is the fuel, the expression of deep joy. Nature loves and sustains joy. Breathing, running, jumping in the torrent, smearing the body with earth, planting, picking, watching, listening, caressing, kissing, nature loves all of this and constantly invites us to connect with it. Everything that allows you to be yourself, to connect to your inner being, without a mask, to radiate your true intentions, exists in nature in abundance. You just have to open your heart to know the taste.
The friends are there, without judgement, faithful in this marvelous flow of life. That of a loving nature that allows us to find ourselves and seal our souls in a larger world where everything remains open, available.

Sophie Nougué is an holistic therapist and scuba diving instructor. Her atypical career has led her today to renovate an Eco place Antxilenea in Bask Countryside, France, which will be a place of eco-responsible activities and practices.

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