On a walk with angels

By Sophie Nougué

Part 2. The Magic Bird

Within minutes, my body had calibrated itself on this powerful sensory vibration. I was in the matrix channel, available for open dialogue with the higher intelligences of nature. The colors, the smells, the sounds, the sensations were amplified, everything was deliciously soothing. The transformative and directing energy brought me to this increased radiation. I was available, ready to let infuse this vibratory bath whose signature was gratitude and love. The active principle of this benevolent whole was indeed carried and multiplied by the energy of joy. All I had to do was welcome what was happening to me, and immediately integrate the synergy of quantum expansion. In a very intuitive way, messages came to me. The coherence and alignment between my inner and outer feelings showed the way forward. The gentle frequency of this intelligent vibration called for even more gentleness, peace, support, sincerity, belonging. I felt a deep respect. Anchored at the heart of the matrix, this wonderful conductor placed our co-creative interdependence with confidence.

My readings in quantum physics were progressing and many experiments were all more interesting than the others confirmed an important element: the invisible is a reality. I was happy with that starting point.
The work of the American psychiatrist, Garry Schwartz, has shown that it is possible to collaborate with quantum energies. His experience of Soul Phone, the phone of the soul, is particularly interesting. He invited psychics to his laboratory and then asked them to put themselves in a state of modified consciousness to communicate with plants he was studying. He measured three types of vibrations: those of the plant, that of the medium alone and that of the medium communicating with the plants. The measurements revealed very different vibration intensities. Better! The third measure revealed that when a medium connects to the quantum energy vibration of the cosmos, when it solicits it, mobilizes it with love and benevolence, the growth of plants is increased.

Emmanuel Ransford, a specialist in quantum physics, also confirms the existence of an evolved field of consciousness in which all fields of nature and the cosmos interact. Ransford speaks of endo-causality, as a psychic being we are not isolated from the rest but in an invisible reliance. Through the quantum wave, -everything moves and moves-, quantum leap, -all phenomena-, a quantum entanglement occurs. What he calls the “tunnel effect” is the conjunction of the wave and the jump, knowing that the quantum leap can only occur if the waves fade, without really knowing why. If in each cell there is a proton of consciousness that has at some point made a choice, the scientist becomes a poet to explain the inexplicable: without the intervention of the magic bird nothing happens. I’ll let you dream about that time before the Big Bang when everything was together. Everything that has been separated is still connected by the Great Consciousness of the Universe.

Scientists also agree that resonance is on the receptor’s side. Opening up to the quantum vibration of the universe allows each of us to increase our human potential towards more harmony, communication, reliance with the compassionate consciousness of nature. For thousands of years, the practice of shamans has said nothing else. By interacting with the vibrational energies of other worlds larger than oneself is a powerful elixir of transformation, transmutation, healing.
Re-learning to nurture the bonds between our different subtle bodies, physical, emotional, spiritual, feeling his humility vis-à-vis the beauty and power of nature places us in the dynamics of positive choice, good for oneself and good for others.

Sophie Nougué

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