On a walk with angels…

Part 1

By Sophie Nougué

Recently, I was struck by the incredible beauty of a landscape. From the point of view of nature, everything was unique, sober, in perfect coherence and reliance. The presence of man, his additions during historical times did not seem for once to have destroyed the magic. I was in awe of so much harmony, convinced of the obvious, the alchemy of this place was not a mere coincidence. It was not the first time that I found myself in awe of a work of Mother Nature but that day I was invited to experience another exceptional phenomenon: to feel the vibration of the place. It was not a simple psycho-body emotion related to my wonder, it was a real electrical activity that circulated in every particle, the air, the light, the water of the gave that flowed, the breeze in the branches of the trees, the sun, the colors, the perfumes. I felt the energy pulse like a wisps that transcended everything he went through, a joyful and soothing vibration. The more I breathed, the more I felt this wave pass through my body. Every cell vibrated, I was resonating. Strange as it may seem, the landscape was not right in front of my eyes, it encompassed me, I inhabited it. I felt an ultimate form of belonging. I loved that vibration intensely. My arms spread out of my body, palms of hands facing the sky, without me intending to make this gesture. Naturally, my body took place in this vast set. I was smiling at the angels, at life.

During this time of hyper or meta sensation, for which I have no notion of duration, I think I had the privilege of experiencing a higher dimension of reality. The peak of this intimate vibration is difficult to describe but I felt perfectly aligned with the creative energy vibration, the original source of life. If I try to be even more precise in my description, I can say that I felt each sequence, before, during and after this moment of ecstasy. Three times, three rhythms, specific in sensations.

In the ‘before’ time, I would say that from the beginning of my walk, I had the intuition that something was coming. A message was about to be delivered to me.  The external energy flow activated my inner sensory sensors to prepare my body, bringing it to this subtle connection with the “universal higher consciousness”. The circulation of subtle signs, synchronicity, left no room for doubt. I know that my words may surprise, even seem a tad wacky. I would push the nail by saying that that day I was not alone, there was a being, a spirit, a guardian angel by my side. It is even by his grace that I was put in this privileged positioning to live this alignment. In full consciousness, I felt the biological wave, the magnetic field of the original life. So much for the story of the experience. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. The absence of evidence is not proof of absence, so I leave you in conscience to believe or refute.

For those who believe unconditionally, the quantum wave of the narrative has probably passed through you and provided a soothing effect. Perhaps you too were surprised to feel that joyful smile of connection? Perhaps even, some of you, have had a similar experience …

Since this walk with the angels, I document myself and read a lot of work in quantum physics, because the time “after” this experience is also upsetting.

Soon part 2…