Honoring the living

Beyond the new year, I would like to celebrate the Living One. All the Living. Mother Earth, oceans, forests, Air, Fire, thank all the inhabitants of the World from below, greet with respect those of the World from above, turn my heart to the infinitely small, the infinitely large, and breathe in each of my cells, the mystery that connects us.

The further I go in life, the more I realize how each of our actions contributes to weave the community, the great web of reliance between plant, animal, mineral and invisible species. To nourish the web of the living is to strengthen oneself, to affirm one’s intention of life, to increase one’s consciousness, to become a co-creator of one’s reality. It is right to reject the destructive models of our planet, it is right to embody values of sharing wealth, just as it is right to refuse to live in above-ground mode, cut off from one’s higher being, from one’s soul. It is right to nourish one’s connection with the spirituality of the living and to share it with those with those who are dear to us. To connect to the canvas of Pacha Mama is to give yourself one more chance to access freedom, creativity, authenticity, fulfillment, dignity, spontaneity, intuition, the divine.

Our earthly life is an incredible opportunity to evolve, to transform, to be in the flow of all lives, to infuse our intelligence, harmony, gentleness, the truth of all the intelligences of nature. A unique opportunity to regain a place in the light of the field of possibilities, access to spaces previously unimaginable, and share what is most important to us.

To feed my need for reliance, I practice a very simple ritual in the morning. I state loud and clear my profound intention: “I welcome and share the love of the Earth.” The vibration of these few words provokes a wave of joy that radiates in and out of the solar plexus. The chakra of the throat is immediately released, that of the heart satiated, my body only asks to dance carrying the intention in each movement. The dazzling joyful energy, the vital force of these few syllables, settles permanently in the community of the canvas to which I belong.

In kundalini yoga, the first twelve days of January we practice a meditation to infuse our dream of life for the next twelve months. If you feel the momentum, there is still time to offer the world your intention, dance and sing to make it shine. As a result, more and more of us will be making sense of this quantum medicine that takes care of all lives.

Sophie Nougué, january 6th 2021

Picture: South Peak of Ossau, Pyrenees, Southern France, january 2021.