The wonder

“We are what we think and with our thoughts we build the world.” Buddha

There is a place that travel guides don’t know about. A paradise radiating joy, alive and generous. A dazzling nugget of beauty, harmonious sweetness. An authentic space that offers the one who explores it, full abundance. This magical place is in itself, inside all of us. It is the heart of our original nature, the cradle of our vital energy.

Often, our lives, in all their wealth, take us away from who we really are. Gradually, what makes us unique beings, our ability to accept what we feel in the intimate, is lost.

The Janzu is aquatic care that allows us to reconnect with our true nature, what really animates us, our finest sensations. It is a wonderful care, simple and benevolent that allows to decode, to go to the heart of the living, to return as close as possible to feelings and emotions. The relaxation it provides and that settles throughout the body is in every respect unique and exceptional because the regenerating power of water is really powerful, if not limitless.
From the first session, a soothing well-being settles throughout the body. The mind is lightened, the sensation of a revitalized organism immediately provides a better general state. Receiving regular care is an asset to re-energize one’s body and mind, stimulate and sustain a dynamic of transformation. Thanks to an accompaniment and decoding of the information we receive during the treatment, it allows to work on its unit, its anchorage.
Accompanying a person in his inner space, seeing him let go, reconnecting to the original matrix, feeling the energy through it again, brings immense happiness. Each session is a real wonder. Practicing, giving, receiving, sharing the Janzu is for me a fabulous gift that nourishes my way of life. A great outpouring of gratitude for all those who discover this treatment and appreciate day after day the many benefits.

Janzu sessions in the natural environment
July / August / September / Basque Country, Landes, South of France
Autumn/winter: Indonesia