Life is wonderful

By Sophie Nougué

The materialist world has stopped turning and the confinement that we know today all over the planet, legitimates us in the authorization to allow ourselves time and why not, to transform our experience in the world.

Taking time for yourself allows us to welcome what happens to us with kindness and gratitude. To see the light that gushes in the changes that are taking shape.

Throughout the year 2019, I have realized how life is full of surprises as unexpected and wonderful as each other. Their real beauty lies in the new resources they generate to welcome and live them. The more I nourish my conscience and my spirituality, the more I am in the capacity to welcome everything that happens to me.

New energy allows me to do things I never even thought I could do.

Today, containment opens my heart even more to a world that is not a world apart but, indeed, a part of me. A space where the joy of life radiates intensely. It feeds me and nourishes all my loved ones, my friends and beyond, all these beautiful people, strangers whom I meet through projects that are born at the heart of the canvas. A new inspiring reality is transforming my daily life.

I dance with teachers from Tel Aviv and New York, I lecture with virtuous masters, I participate in workshops, all my senses are nourished and above all, my sixth sense, that of intuition. It is rooted again and again in this beauty of the world which is the source of life. I feel connected, without fatigue or fear, to receive and transmit, to be present to what is. The energy that carries me is that of the abundance of the wildest dreams and of a sense of life for which I have a deep gratitude. I feel connected and standing in a dimension that surpasses me, that of my original nature, that of my soul. I trust this strength and this harmony that is woven into the invisible of our lives. I dare to live it and say it, share it. I dare to offer my power of love and express my sincerest gratitude that runs through me when I write these lines.

Thank you to the life which is beautiful and which deserves to be lived.