Rewilding in forest springs / Part 3/

A Novel from Sophie Nougué. Part 3

Yellow stopped to wait for me, I can see her figure in the daylight. The twenty four hours of walking that we have just done do not seem to produce any fatigue on his body. He is fresh and perky, happy. He speaks while picking leaves. He carries a beautiful joyful energy which spreads everywhere around him. I appreciate how lucky I am to be by her side, to be initiated into all these rituals. I watch him and I feel his joy feed me. I’m happy, so happy to be there, my life is full. Every day the universe spoils me like never before. For the first time in my life, I feel in harmony, in rhythm with the vibrance that carries me in each of my choices and my actions. I am in bond, at peace.

– We will rest a little here and now. There is still a hill to climb before reaching the source. You will regain strength and sleep.

As soon as these words are spoken, I feel exhausted. I collapse on the carpet of fresh herbs and leaves that Yellow has prepared for me. It has only been a few days since I met this great little man and we are both there together in this immense forest carrying an intense life. Each of his words touches my heart, without him, I cannot survive alone here for a single day. He offers me knowledge of origins.

The first time he saw me give a Janzu treatment to one of his family, he sat on the beach looking at us without saying anything. I felt his presence in the water, I immediately understood that this little character sitting cross-legged with his dread locks dropped on his shoulders was not there by chance. He returned the next day. He sat in the same place, he waited until I finished talking to me.

– You are called to transmit, you are my soul sister, I will take you to the source to bathe.

These thoughts come back and mingle with the scent of herbs, I sink into a deep sleep.

Yellow prepared a plaster which he spread on my legs and feet while I slept. He crushed the leaves with a stone and then kneaded them with the clay collected from the bottom of the river. I wake up feeling like I have slept a whole day.

  – Yesterday you ate fruit, today you don’t need anything. You are going to drink the forest juice to cleanse your body and the next night your body and your mind will be ready to receive the bath.

The break is over, I’m drinking. I feel in great shape. Yellow hasn’t slept. I ask him how he manages to hold on. He’s laughing.

– The path hunter does not experience fatigue. I am at peace with the spirits, they transmit energy to me. You too have the strength to find the way. You are love, your itinerary is love. You will go very far.

I walk with my legs covered with dried earth. I feel light. Reinvigorated. Bird songs resonate from all sides. They talk to each other, the trees vibrate, the wind envelops and carries the symphony. There are not enough words in my language to translate the diversity, the richness of all this life around us.

The sun is above our heads. We walk most of the time under the trees, in the freshness of the forest. As soon as we go out on a path exposed to the rays, the heat awakens fatigue. Immediately, I barely move forward, I breathe, I sweat. Yellow finds a path under the trees, the few degrees of difference give a feeling of freshness that awakens the mind. I’m not hungry, my body washes from the inside, I sweat a lot and bathe as soon as the river offers a basin large enough to fully dive into it. I remain in apnea, my body rested, caressed, carried by the cool water. This is how I repair myself and regain strength. It amuses Yellow to watch me do it. He wants me to teach him to breathe in water without moving.

    – I don’t breathe in Yellow water anymore, I don’t think anymore, I don’t do anything. Water comes to nourish my cells, improve my life, pacify me with my emotions. Water carries the memory of everything, it flows through me, offers me its beauty, its energy, I feel that it takes care of me and offers me the best. What I say, I am convinced, I feel that is all.

– Yes, you’re right, water is the womb. She is everywhere. If you are connected with it, you are connected with everything.

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