Coral Reefs: What an enchanted world!

Part 1.

I have always loved diving on coral reefs and I have always wanted to learn more about this ecosystem, fragile, fascinating and exciting.

That’s why I decided to meet and follow the training – distinctive Biorock Process and Reef Check specialty race – from the best current specialist in Indonesia, Delphine ROBBE, founder of the Gili Eco Trust. As much to say it immediately, Delphine is a very fascinating person, whose work engaged for more than 15 years in Gili Trawangan and far beyond, since she dispenses her knowledge everywhere in Indonesia and in the world, deserves a immense respect.

What I did not know by following her teaching was, that I was going to dive into the heart of the intimate coral reef and discover a fascinating universe almost unimaginable as its operation is perfect.

The first observation I encountered during this training was, that I knew nothing or little, and sometimes even, what I thought I knew to be true, was wrong. So I definitively made the right choice by following her course!

For several weeks, we have with her Blue Team and other divers from around the world to train, discover and work on the coral reefs at his side. In addition to being super sharp in her field, Delphine is a super diver and it’s just a treat, a great breath of adrenaline to dive with her on the mythical sites of Sunset, Tunang Wall, Shark Point, Deep Turbo, Alix Reef and many others …

Diving on a coral reef, is a pure moment of happiness, of rapture and yet, what we see is weak compared to all the life that is really unfolding before our eyes. On every square meter of coral reef there are up to several dozen species of fish, invertebrates, plants, bacterias and other forms of animal life that live in synergy.

In other words, even if we spend an hour of diving on a single square meter, we do not manage to perceive one-tenth of everything that really unfolds before our eyes.

The implementation of the Reef Check Survey, with regular surveys to build a precise database on a given site, is also a way to observe and see how the ecosystem evolves. It is a gratifying process that returns a contagious energy. It allows an intense, responsible and spiritual connection with the infinitely small and the infinitely large. Another way to dive and approach life in the heart of the oceans.