How to feel the close connection between mind, body and breathing

Part 1. Scuba diving and apnea, why both practices can be complementary

Freediving, apnea, combined with a soft practice in yoga, relaxation and breathing allows to easily explore an unknown part of us, that I will call, the quiet unity. Mind, body and breathe are in total harmony. The simplicity of freediving movement and the trust we have in ourselves multiply energy through the body. This moment is an amazing sensation.

The practice of freediving has become complementary to my practice as a scuba diver. This brings me a lot of fluidity in the water, a better control in my gestures and mind, as well as a very harmonious approach with the marine species.
Does it changes the way that I teach scuba diving ?
I say, yes. With scuba divers, I appreciate to practice simple exercises of relaxation and breathing. I love to debrief about sensations and feelings that each one can feel and want to share before and after the dive. On that way, we know what we can improve better together the next dive. The well-being of relaxation brings comfort and confidence, improves performance, help to reduce air consumption and contributes to the safety of all. Having a very gentle approach to scuba diving also helps minimize its impact on increasingly fragile environments.

On a personal level, I say yes, too. Training freediving with my buddy, taught me a lot about myself, and allows me to better understand the difficulties that everyone may encounter to lower his “wall of fear”. Using visualisation techniques, breathing and meditation, freediving open a potential of creativity and transformation process. In this, it becomes a spiritual practice that induces profound changes.

The sensations that our body registers in free diving, come back naturally in scuba diving. I noticed that scuba divers who practice apnea or relaxation are scuba divers who are much calmer and attentive to the well being of the team.

Scuba diving and freediving are two very different and technically complementary disciplines, provided you know the specificities of each and always learn from a professional.

For those who are not scuba divers at all, a basic technique in freediving will help to discover the joys of snorkeling with mask and fins.